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Dispute over Christ Church Cathedral restoration in Christchurch City…


  • It has been revealed that the cost to restore the Christ Church Cathedral is far less than originally predicted.

    The Anglican Church estimated the cost of restoring the Cathedral at around $220 million and said it would take about 20 years.

    But the Greater Christchurch Building Trust said it would only cost $67 million to restore and only estimated it would take between five to seven years to cpmplete the project.

    Earlier this month three design options were released with feedback currently being sought on the preferred choice.


    The Anglican Diocese of Christchurch and the Church Property Trustees have setup a website to facilitate feedback.

    Since then the website has had over 15, 000 hits.

    More than 2,500 people have commented on the site.

    Public forums have also been organised to gather feedback, 500 people have attended a series of forums to dicuss the issue in Christchurch and Auckland.

    The period of public engagement will run until this Friday.

    Acknowledgements: Television One News

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The 1943 Battle of Manners St, Wellington City…

  • A photo of Wellington taken from the lookout p...

    A photo of Wellington taken from the lookout point at Mount Victoria, Wellington, New Zealand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  • American soldiers in Wellington,NZ

  • 4

    Some troops of both armies got together in Wellington one fine  day…

    :roll:The 1943 ‘Battle of Manners Street’. Not the only wartime clash between New Zealand and American soldiers in New Zealand, but probably the worst.

    The most famous of several wartime skirmishes between New Zealanders and American servicemen, the so-called Battle of Manners Street saw hundreds of soldiers and civilians slugging it out on the streets of Wellington.

    Men supposedly on the same side fighting each other was not a good look and news of the three-hour brawl was hushed up at the time. The fight may have begun after soldiers from the southern United States insulted local Māori. American sailors and New Zealand merchant seamen were also involved.

    During the two years after June 1942 there were always between 15,000 and 45,000 American servicemen in camp in New Zealand. US personnel spent time here either before or immediately after experiencing the horrors of war on a Pacific island.

    The ‘American invasion’ (as New Zealanders called the influx, usually affectionately) brought a considerable clash of cultures. Though Kiwis and Yanks spoke the same language, they did so with different accents. Romantic liaisons between American servicemen and New Zealand women inevitably developed. The soldiers were starved of female company, and many Kiwi women were charmed by the Americans’ good manners and ability to afford taxi rides, ice-cream sodas and gifts of flowers. About 1500 New Zealand women married American servicemen in these years. These liaisons were not universally welcomed, especially by Kiwi soldiers serving overseas. There were a number of other large-scale fights and plenty of muttering about the invading ‘bedroom commandos’.

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WW2 tribute to New Zealand soldiers


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Three young NZ adults have suffered acute kidney injuries after using synthetic cannabis…


Health authorities have warned of the dangers of synthetic cannabis after three young adults suffered acute kidney injuries this month.

Two of the three patients required intensive care treatment.

Similar cases have recently been reported overseas, with some patients requiring dialysis.

Canterbury Medical Officer of Health Dr Alistair Humphrey said clinicians have growing concerns about the easy access and safety of these drugs, and the long term effects they could have on people’s physical and mental health.

“There is a potential for severe and permanent toxic injury with smoked or ingested synthetic cannabinoid drugs,” he said.

“I’m told that calls to the National Poisons Centre and attendances to Emergency Departments by patients suffering adverse effects from these drugs are increasing all the time.

“Ingredients are not disclosed by manufacturers and as far as we are aware these drugs have not had proper safety testing.”

While synthetic cannabis, such as K2, are not allowed in smoke-free areas, they are otherwise not subject to any food or drug regulation, he said.

“Adverse side-effects have included anxiety, vomiting, chest pain and headache. As well as the recent cases of kidney failure other severe side-effects include seizures, psychosis and heart attack.”

Patients typically range from 16 to 22 years, and many are teenagers. But patients as young as 13 years-old have reported they are regular users.

“As yet no specific brand has been implicated in the cases of serious toxicity; doctors treating unwell patients that have used synthetic cannabinoids should consider testing for kidney injury and cardiac complications,” Humphrey said.

These drugs may also cause psychosis in patients with or without previous psychiatric diagnoses, he said.

“Emergency doctors and toxicologists recommend avoiding synthetic cannabinoids until they have been tested and the health risks are fully understood. Clinicians will continue to work closely with the Ministry of Health to protect the safety of the public.

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New clean global technology – quicker rechargeable lithium-ion batteries…

Lithium-Ion Battery Technology

Lithium-Ion Battery TechnHome

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Do you believe in life after death?


John Key and National attacking NZ workers once again…

English: John Key, leader of the New Zealand N...

English: John Key, leader of the New Zealand National Party Македонски: Џон Ки, лидер на Новозеландската национална партија. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A former National Party logo

A former National Party logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Peter Petterson

National attacking NZ workers again: Back to the future with John Key and his discredited National Party:


The Nats are legislating the offspring of the Employment Contracts Act – the ECA. The idea is to cut the 10 minute smoko breaks as we used to call them and the 30 minute lunch breaks. OSH came out a few years ago and said workers need these breaks. There has always been flexibilty where it has been needed, and afternoon breaks were often given away for a 30 minute earlier finishing time.

Actually I think National is just being bloody minded and stupid knowing it is going to the chopping block in 2014 – the idea will be to slow down Labour /Greens reform program. To make it easier Labour/Greens just needs to bring back pre-ECA legislation with a few modifications. To throw some hand grenades into the system – bring back compulsory unionism. It would solve so many problems in the workplace. Bring back the Awards system too. Make negotiations with employers so much easier too.

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The Ross Taylor cricket controversy continues in New Zealand…

A simple apology to former NZ cricket captain, Ross Taylor from coach, Mike Hesson, and CEO David White, would put the matter to bed permanently.


T20 cricket match at the Basin Reserve between...

T20 cricket match at the Basin Reserve between the Wellington Firebirds who are fielding and the Central Stags who are batting with Jamie How and Ross Tayl

English: Ross Taylor at Trent Bridge June 2008

English: Ross Taylor at Trent Bridge June 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Ross Taylor at Trent Bridge June 2008 (Photo credit:Wikipedia)

Is the Ross Taylor cricket captain sacking controversy supposed to be over with a John Parker apology to Blackcaps coach Mike Hesson? Yeah right! I believe it will be all over rover when Mike Hesson and CEO David White apologises to Ross Taylor for lying. Hesson claimed, with the support of White, that he had offered Ross Taylor the test captaincy after relieving him (sacking) of the Twenty 20 and ODI roles. Ross Taylor poured cold water on this claim. It was actually freezing water in this instance. Ross Taylor wants an apology from Mike Hesson and David White. This would put the matter to bed!

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In Flanders fields…

In Flanders Fields…


In Flanders fields

the poppies grow,

Between the crosses

row on row,

That mark our place

and in the sky,

The larks, still bravely singing, fly,

Scarce heard amid

the guns below,

We are the dead,

Short days ago,

We lived, felt


saw sunset glow,

Loved, and were loved,

and now we lie

In Flanders fields,

Take up our quarrel with the


To you from falling hand we


The torch; beyours to hold

it high

If ye break  faith  with us

who die

We shall not sleep

though poppies grow

In Flanders fields.



Anzac Day – April 25 – We will remember them…