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Kiwi songstress Lorde takes home two Grammys…

Lorde - Team

Lorde – Team (Photo credit: Jonatas MeIo)


  • 9140331_600x4001506826_10202878420067295_1425477512_a (1)

    Lorde has won two Grammys for song of the year and for best pop solo performance.

    Seventeen year old Lorde won song of the year for Royals, which she performed a stripped-down version of as the second act of the 56th Grammy Awards in Los Angeles today.

    Royals co-producer Joel Little described the song of the year win as “intense”, and said it was a “complete honour”.

    Lorde took to the microphone and said she would “forever owe” Little, who had nurtured her through her early songwriting years.

    “Thank you to everyone who has let this song explode, it’s been mental,” the Kiwi performer, whose real name is Ella Yelich-O’Connor, said.

    Royals beat Pink and Nate Ruess‘ Just Give Me A Reason, Bruno MarsLocked Out Of Heaven, Katy Perry’s Roar, and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis‘ Same Love to win the coveted award.

    A few hours after the wins, Lorde tweeted about her success: “I am so grateful for the attention my work has received tonight and this year. Thankyou and goodnight.”

    She also sent out praise to fellow singer Taylor Swift, tweeting “very proud of @taylorswift13 tonight. One of the most masterful performers I’ve seen”.

    Lorde was denied a Grammy in two other categories: record of the year and best pop vocal album.


    Lorde (Photo credit: Jem Yoshioka)

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Kiwi sock-less running shoe idea gets $30 thousand Kickstarter…

Former All White's skipper Tim Brown holding a Wool Runner prototype. Brown's start up company Three Over Seven has started a Kickstarter funding campaign to get the shoes into production.

Former All White’s skipper Tim Brown holding a Wool Runner prototype. Brown’s start up company Three Over Seven has started a Kickstarter funding campaign to get the shoes into production.

Tim Brown’s sock-less woollen running shoe idea is one step closer to being a commercial reality after the startup’s wildly successful crowdfunding campaign.

It took just over 24 hours for Brown’s fledgling company Three Over Seven to reach its $30,000 target on crowd funding site Kickstarter.

So far, more than 290 people from around the world have backed the Wool Runners idea each pledging a small financial contribution – and that figure could grow much higher by the end of the month-long funding push.

The former All White’s and Phoenix soccer player said the goal of hitting $30,000 from the Kickstarter campaign was the breakeven point to get the shoes into production.

“It has required an investment of well into the six figures to get to this point with our fabric production and the legal costs of patent filing,” Brown said.

The shoes are made from mid-micron New Zealand sheep’s wool, utilising a patent pending process comprising of knitting together wool fibres, melt-bond fibres, and multifilament yarn to form aunique knitted fabric.

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National Minister Judith Collins’ incorrect and smart alec comments at the UN are offensive to Cantabrians claims Labour’s Ruth Dyson

Port Hills MP Ruth Dyson and Addington Action ...

Port Hills MP Ruth Dyson and Addington Action ‘acting Sgt Major’ Mike Peters at the Addington Fair. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


English: New Zealand National Party Cabinet mi...

English: New Zealand National Party Cabinet minister Judith Collins, at the National War Memorial – Wellington – 15 Sep 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


“The incorrect and smart alec comments made at the United Nations by Judith Collins are just offensive,” said Ruth Dyson, the spokesperson for Canterbury Earthquake recovery.

“They demonstrate a total ignorance of the facts in relation to the Canterbury quakes and a disregard for the position that many in our communities have been left in.

“Judith Collins said that the government could not be found guilty of breaching human rights because they aren’t in charge of the earthquakes. What she clearly doesn’t know is that it is the decisions of the Government in relation to redzone offers which has been found in the Court to be wrong and that it is this issue which has been taken to the United Nations.

“It is not the earthquakes that are causing the grief. It is the responses and the decisions of the Government which are causing the grief. Moving towards the third anniversary of the February quake and 3 and a half years from the September quake, we know there are many people who are waiting for their home to be repaired or rebuilt, including people who have used up their life savings on rental property during this time

“People have recently been redzoned without being given any information about why their home is suddenly seen to be life-threatening. They are left frustrated and powerless, and financially much worse off than pre-quakes.

“Judith Collins doesn’t know what is happening in Canterbury. She does not understand the difference between the reasons for redzoning on the flat lands and on the Port Hills. And yet she is making statements at the United Nations about these issues.

“She has embarrassed our country with her ignorance and arrogance. And she has left Cantabrians feeling angry at her contempt for the real life for many. The National Government needs to step up to their responsibilities instead of continuing to abandon us.”

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Putahi Festival: A week of Choice Maori Theatre at Studio 77 – 25 Feb- 1 March 2014

English: Maori Battalion survivors of action i...

English: Maori Battalion survivors of action in Greece, performing a haka in Helwan, Egypt for the King of Greece. From left to right, the four men in the foreground are John Manuel, Maaka White, Te Kooti Reihana, and Rangi Henderson. A cropped version of this photo featured on an ANZAC commemorative stamp issued in 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What’s On

By Helen Pearse-Otene
Directed by Jim Moriarty
Produced by Te Rākau Trust

25 Feb – 1 March
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday @ 6.30pm; Friday @ 10am
Tickets $15 full price / $10 students & concession / $5 twelve and under / $30 whānau (2 full price and 2 students or tamariki). For tickets to Friday matinee contact Sasha Gibb –



A moving story about friendship, loyalty, madness and redemption – seen through the eyes of Paora Matene, a war veteran, and relayed to his wayward charges Rimini and George. Sent back to their whānau in the “one cow town” of Tamariri, Rimini and George aren’t interested in any of the locals or their family history – they just want to get back to the city. It was the same for five young men in 1939. Drawn in by the excitement of war, they run away to the army and join the 28th Māori Battalion. Thus begins their adventure of a lifetime, from their training in England to their first encounter with the enemy in Greece. The two stories collide and the past confronted with the youngsters learning valuable life lessons.

Te Rakau Website:
Te Rakau Facebook Page:

the beautiful ones
Written and Directed by Hone Kouka
Produced by Tawata Productions
Featuring Manuel Solomon, Moana Ete, Kali Kopae, Scotty Cotter, Skyla Love, Ngakopa Volkerling and more.

26 February – 1st March
Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday @ 9.30pm. 2pm Friday
$20 full price / $15 students & concession / Groups of 8+ $10
(Preview Performance 25 February @ 9.30pm $10)



The hyper real digital love story weaves together a handful of Aotearoa’s finest artists from our theatre, dance & music scenes. This experimental Development Season will be shown for four nights only in Wellington as part of the Pūtahi Festival. Choreography by Dolina Wehipeihana. Design by Johnson Witehira, Sopheak Seng, Wai Mihinui & Jaimee Warda, Laurie Dean. Music by Karnan Saba, Jayde Marter & Busby Pearse-Otene, Tama Waipara & Kali Kopae.

Tawata Blog Link:
Tawata Facebook Page:

Written & Directed by Jamie McCaskill
Produced by Tikapa Productions
Featuring a solo performance by Kali Kopae.

Saturday 1 March
One Performance Only @ 4pm
Tickets $15 full price / $10 students & concession.



Not in our Neighbourhood is a one-person play that follows the lives of Sasha Miller, Cat Mihinui and Teresa Cummings. Three individuals with very different backgrounds living together at the Women’s Refuge safe house. Maisey Mata, a filmmaker, has been invited to Hauraki Women’s Refuge to follow some of their clients in a bid to raise awareness about domestic violence. On her journey she discovers that domestic violence comes in all different shapes and sizes and that situations are more complicated than she first thought. Not in our Neighbourhood takes a close look behind the mask of domestic violence – the despair, the misguided loyalties, the pain, the hopelessness and hope.

(image: Tim Elkington)

Saturday 1 March, koha entry.

11am Hīkoi by Nancy Brunning

“The great thing with our policy is that we are going to have a world full of people speaking fluent Māori who have got nothing Māori to talk about”  John Rangihau

Nellie and Charlie find love and build a life together in the thriving new town of Te Moananui. When Nellie discovers her inner power and true voice it threatens to destroy their relationship, their family and Charlie’s dream of life without ties to the past.

With only a suitcase, a bottle of Coruba and a packet of cigarettes, 16-year-old twins Janey-Girl and May set off with their siblings Pearl, Joe and Bubba on a road trip through the rural back roads of central North Island.

Hīkoi – A journey of love – follows the lives of two generations dealing with a radically changing world and their way of saying something about it.

Cast includes:  Miria George, Kali Kopae (Not in out neighborhood, He Reo Aroha, Manawa), Gavin Rutherford (Clybourne Park, Midnight in Moscow) and newcomer Ngakopa Volkerling.

Hīkoi Te Kākano Season will be presented during Matariki 2014 at Circa Theatre:

2.30 A Story of Rona by Steph Matuku

This is the prequel to the classic legend of Rona.

Rona is renowned for her insulting manner toward her family and the village is sick of her. Her rival, Kira, decides to hire a TANIWHA to get rid of her…

This delightful children’s story written by Stephanie Matuku, 2013 winner of Playmarket’s Plays for the Young (ages 8-12), inspires the child in us to be brave in the face of diversity and stoic in times of chaos. Directed by Moana Ete and presented by fresh-faced Wellington Actors this coming-of-age tale is a part of the Pūtahi Festival, 2014.

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Australia Day: The Aboriginal perspective…

Aboriginal Face Mask

Aboriginal Face Mask (Photo credit: Michael Loke)

  • Invasion-Day-Poster-3
  • :roll:The Aboriginal perspective of Australia Day

    To many Aboriginal people there is little to celebrate and it is a commemoration of a deep loss. Loss of their sovereign rights to their land, loss of family, loss of the right to practice their culture.

    “Australia Day is 26 January, a date whose only significance is to mark the coming to Australia of the white people in 1788. It’s not a date that is particularly pleasing for Aborigines,” says Aboriginal activist Michael Mansell [8]. “The British were armed to the teeth and from the moment they stepped foot on our country, the slaughter and dispossession of Aborigines began.”

    Aboriginal people call it ‘Invasion Day’, ‘Day of Mourning’, ‘Survival Day’ or, since 2006, ‘Aboriginal Sovereignty Day’. The latter name reflects that all Aboriginal nations are sovereign and should be united in the continuous fight for their rights.

    Mensell believes that Australia celebrates “the coming of one race at the expense of another” [6].

    “Australia is the only country that relies on the arrival of Europeans on its shores as being so significant it should herald the official national day,” he says [8]. “The USA does not choose the arrival of Christopher Columbus as the date for its national day. Like many other countries its national day marks independencE.

    Read more:

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Australia Day: From a European perspective…

English: Arthur Phillip.

English: Arthur Phill

Flag of Australia

Flag of Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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    Zealandia Wildlife Sanctuary, Wellington, New Zealand…


    Zealandia Wildlife Sanctuary, Wellington, New Zealand. Come and visit when you are in town.

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    Rugby players to test the use of googles…


    • 300px-Richie_McCaw_2011

      Rugby players who wear glasses will now be able to see clearly during games thanks to the introduction of Rugby Goggles, which went on the market this week.

      The IRB has given its approval for a global trial regarding the wearing of goggles which have been designed with short-sighted players in mind.

      The testing will cover all levels of rugby around the globe, with the safety of players and opponents the main focus.

      “Rugby is a Game for all and the IRB recognises that not everyone who needs corrective glasses can wear contact lenses, particularly children,” explained the IRB’s Steve Griffiths.

      “So we have been collaborating with a leading manufacturer to design and rigorously test a pair of goggles that will be safe and effective in a Rugby environment.

      “We believe we have done that now and this trial is good news for anyone with eyesight issues who wishes to play the game.”

      Only those goggles bearing the IRB trial-approved logo can be worn, with referees required to make the necessary checks.

      “Features of the approved Rugby Goggles include high-speed impact resistance, anti-abrasion surfaces, anti-fogging, UV protection and a specially designed strap with no clips, buckles or sharp edges,” Griffiths said.

      “If the trial is to be instructive, we will require feedback from all participants.

      As long as this doesn’t lead to the use of helmets in rugby, it will be a positive move.

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    Melbourne Storm releases their Auckland Nines jersey…

    131203-Headlines-659021011786_10151820922861881_582227460_n (1)00111646-leadimage

    Hi peter,Melbourne Storm has launched its new @storm twitter handle which will feature on the player’s jersey for next month’s inaugural Dick Smith Auckland Nines tournament.The @storm promotion will see Melbourne Storm become the first Australian sporting club to have their Twitter handle appear on the coveted front of jersey position, according to Twitter.Storm will also become the first Australian sporting club to use their moniker as their official twitter handle.

    The club now joins global brands such as Boston Redsox (@redsox), LA Lakers (@lakers) and New York Giants (@giants) in adopting their secondary name as their Twitter handle.

    The @storm handle replaces @MelbourneStorm which has generated 44,300 followers on the social media tool, the highest amongst NRL clubs and the fourth in Australian sporting teams, sitting just behind AFL powerhouses Carlton, Collingwood and Essendon.

    The playing kit, designed and produced by the club’s official apparel partner BLK, maintains the Storm purple and introduces black for the New Zealand based event. The players will wear black shorts and socks to complement the new design. Melbourne Storm’s logo will appear in silver for the first time on a match jersey.

    The kit has received the tick of approval from the playing group.

    Storm forward Ryan Hoffman (@ryanhoffman12) said the positioning of @storm on the front of the jersey shows the value the club puts on its direct communication with fans.

    “Social media is a key channel how the club and I interact with the fans,” Hoffman said.

    “It’s a great way for the club to keep innovating and as a Twitter user it’s a great networking tool to give fans an insight to what I do as a rugby league player.”

    The retail version of the jersey will be available for pre-sale on Storm’s online megastore from 9:00am tomorrow at

    The Dick Smith NRL Auckland Nines is a two-day, nine a side, knock-out tournament at Auckland’s Eden Park on February 16-16. It will feature all 16 NRL clubs with 256 players competing over the weekend to win their share of over NZ $2.6 million prize money.

    Storm will announce its 16-man squad for the tournament on Monday 10 February

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    The inaugural NRL Nines Tournament at Auckland


    • B)1011786_10151820922861881_582227460_n
    Eden Park, Auckland, New Zealand. Taken April ...

    Eden Park, Auckland, New Zealand. Taken April 2005 from Mount Eden, Auckland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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