Another political mystery as a man who has spent little of his adult life in his supposed native country, suddenly surfaces and wins a national election.  John Key of New Zealand appears to be the counter part to Obama’s sudden appearance in the US.  I don’t believe in coincidences and the idea that yet another charismatic political figure rises up out of nowhere about the same time Obama did and suddenly is the darling of the political set in New Zealand, just as Obama was here in the US, doesn’t seem quite so coincidental to me.

This video on YouTube was released before Key won the last election. New Zealand would have done well to have paid attention to it.  What is laid out in this video is your future under Key, obviously a man well connected in places other than New Zealand.


Key won a second term as New Zealand Prime minister, which does not bode well for New Zealanders.  Key, well known for his willingness to imitate oppressive laws and regulations rolled out in the United States, especially those that target the abundant independent agricultural sector in New Zealand, has made clear that he will work with the  US to finalize a corporate government-to-government free trade agreement that will include nine Pacific countries.

This agreement should further destabilize all the national economies involved opening the door for complete corporate takeover of all businesses, trade and finances and most especially ending domestic agricultural production in favor of centralized big Ag corporate monopolies.

Key is also attempting to dispense with the 25 year ban on nuclear warships from the US, attempting to convince New Zealanders that it will increase their defenses to allow the US warships access to New Zealand ports.  To make sure the US has a firm military presence in New Zealand, a contingency of Marines will take up residence in New Zealand this next year for reasons no one is willing to talk about honestly.

Now that Key is back in the top position, it is expected that extensive mineral exploration and exploitation along with offshore oil drilling will be opened up despite the extensive environmental damage to land and ocean as a result of last months spilling of around 400 tons of fuel near the North Island port of Tauranga when a cargo ship ran aground.

Key focused his campaign on the economy and says he will bring the country back to surpluses along with paying down New Zealand national debt over the next three years.  Key intends to do this by selling off interests in four government owned energy companies and Air New Zealand; assets that actually belong to New Zealanders and which are not the sole possession of the government.  You can liken this to selling off your neighbors farm so that you can make the payment on your farm.

Again, with Key following the US example of privatizing profits while nationalizing losses, New Zealanders will be the big losers.  The assets Key is planning to parcel out were bought and paid for by the people of New Zealand.  Those same people will not see any monetary gain from the sale of those assets, but they will be made to shore up any losses incurred as this government, like so many others, squanders their national wealth and then sells off what little is left to foreign investors and global corporations leaving the New Zealanders with no national assets and living on land that no longer belongs to them.

Key, a former banker with Merrill Lynch and stockholder in Bank of America, will make sure that the New Zealand government does not interfere in the activities of the World Bank.  Key will be instrumental in the total international takeover of New Zealand assets.

Key is already trying to sell off Kiwibank and the recently re-acquired railway system.  Many are predicting an immediate rise in home foreclosures and soaring food prices as Key turns the economy and finances over to the World Bank for exploitation.  It is also feared that gas prices will rise and New Zealand will slide into third world status in public health.

Education will most likely be further reduced to produce the most illiterate generation in recent history, making the population far easier to manipulate and control as basic education dwindles.

Just as in the US where water mismanagement is used to convince the public that nuclear power plants are the only option left, New Zealanders will soon find themselves with a sudden and unexplainable water crisis of one kind or another and nuclear power plants offered as the only solution and these will of course be built, owned and managed by American corporations.

It is apparent that whatever happens in the US is not only mirrored in Canada, but in New Zealand now, also.   The chances are slim that the same activities by all three governments would happen simultaneously without a behind the scenes plan.  New Zealander has joined the ranks of  US and Canadian residents in being forced to choose between Evil #1 or Evil #2.  In the end, its all just evil.

New Zealanders, just like Americans, have allowed themselves to vote for the “evil of two lesser’s”.  Neither party actually represents the public and is instead, controlled and working for international banks and bankers along with  multi-national corporations which have a vested interest in deconstructing states for corporate interests and profits and a furtherance of the corrupt influence and control of the central banking system that is steadily destroying the US.