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Labour proposes public service TV…

Labour broadcasting policy promises public service TV

Photo: stock.xchng

Photo: stock.xchng

Labour’s pledged its commitment to public broadcasting, with plans to re-establish a public service TV station.

The Opposition’s broadcasting spokesman Kris Fa’afoi says a working group will look into the cost and funding options for a TV channel, which will build on the experiences of the now defunct TVNZ6 and TVNZ7.

Mr Fa’afoi says it will have full access to the New Zealand Television Archive and TVNZ’s news video research library, which will reduce content and production costs.

As well as continuing funding for Maori television and iwi radio, Labour will set the wheels in motion for developing a Pasifika television channel.

The Winston Express

The smoking gun…

Winston Peters talks to Sean Plunkett about Judith Collins post election leadership ambitions…

Winston Peters talks to Sean Plunkett about Judith Collins post election leadership ambitions…


English: New Zealand National Party Cabinet mi...

English: New Zealand National Party Cabinet minister Judith Collins, at the National War Memorial – Wellington – 15 Sep 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Judith Collins may roll PM John Key after elections..

English: This image was taken at the Europa Le...

English: This image was taken at the Europa Lecture 2008, University of Aukland, and is owned by the European Union Centres Network. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

.    Audio video”

PM John Key won’t apologise to mother of a man targetted by blogger Cameron Slater…

Radio New Zealand National

Radio New Zealand National (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Prime Minister John Key has declined to apologise to the mother of a man targeted by blogger Cameron Slater after the 26-year-old’s death earlier this year.

Ms Hall’s son Judd died when the car he was a passenger in crashed during a police chase in January. She had previously lost another son in the Pike River mining tragedy.

John Key.

John Key in Greymouth today.

Photo: RNZ / Alexander Robertson

Days after the death of Judd Hall, right-wing blogger Cameron Slater described the man on his website as a feral whose death did the world a favour.

Ms Hall said she does have a beef with the Prime Minister because of his contact with Mr Slater. She told Radio New Zealand’s Morning Report programme that John Key should apologise for his links with Mr Slater when during his visit to the West Coast.

During a visit to Greymouth today, Mr Key was asked whether he was going to apologise to her.

“Well what I’d say is – and what I’ve always said – is it’s absolutely not true that I’ve made any disparaging comments. The only comment I ever made was I recognised her.”

Friend ‘could have hacked blog’

Cameron Slater’s blog was subsequently hacked and his emails and Facebook messages were leaked to investigative writer Nicky Hager, who published them in his book Dirty Politics two weeks ago.

Jo Hall said it was possible that a friend of her son was responsible for the hacking.

“Yes I do think there could be truth behind it. I also think that Cameron Slater wouldn’t have only made me as an enemy.

“Judd worked in the IT world – he loved the IT world, that’s why he was training in it – because it was one thing he was good at. And he had some very good friends.”

Tame Iti stands clear of lunatic party…

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The Maori Party’s high profile new list candidate Tame Iti says he doesn’t want to be part of a protest party run by raving lunatics with forked tongues.

The Tuhoe activist says he supports being at the table where decisions are made, rather than being outside throwing rocks with his former companions in the protest movement.

That’s why he’s backing Te Ururoa Flavell in Waiariki, rather than his former lawyer Annette Sykes, who is standing for Mana.

“I think Annette Sykes is a raving lunatic. She keeps attacking the Maori Party but hey, if that’s where she wants to be, then thats where she is and so I think they should just focus about what they think they can do rather than have a personal attack on individual people,” he says.

Tame Iti says he will work with any mainstream political party which is willing to support Maori and iwi initiatives, as National seems prepared to do.


Labour’s 2014 Opening Broadcast…

David Cunliffe at Otara Market in Manukau this morning.


Planet Key…


Duncan Garner: Key does the wriggle – is he telling porkies again?


John Key

And now it’s suddenly looking all a bit uncomfortable for the Prime Minister, isn’t it?

Today’s development is suddenly this: is the Prime Minister telling the truth or has he lied? Do we believe him?

Because, another document has now emerged casting doubt on Prime Minister John Key and former SIS Director Warren Tucker‘s version of events around how secret documents were declassified and fast-tracked to blogger Cameron Slater. Slater then used them to discredit former Labour Leader Phil Goff.

The PM says he was never made personally aware that the Official Information Act request from Cam Slater – “Whale Oil” – was being fast-tracked. He says his office was told, not him; he was never made aware of it.

However, Tucker’s 2011 letter casts serious doubt on that. It says:

“I notifed the PM (in accordance with my usual practice to keep the Minister informed on a no surprises basis) that I was going to release redaced documents in repsonse to the request from Mr Slater.”

“I advised the PM that I had received legal advice that there were no grounds for withholding information.”

“I informed the PM that I had informed Mr Goff of my decision to release the information.”

Then Tucker added this, this morning:

“My practice under the ‘no surprises’ convention relating to Official Information Act requests was to brief the Prime Minister through his office. The reference to the PM in this context means the PM’s office.”

So, on the surface of all this it looks like Tucker told Key, or his office, exactly what was happening, but Key said he never got the personal briefing. It almost seems to much to believe doesn’t it? Especially with Tucker’s additional excuse this morning.

No one will really care about this historic case, but many will interested in whether the SIS, the PM’s office and Whale Oil have been in on some elaborate plan to attack the then leader of the opposition? If so then, isn’t that an abuse of power? And if the PM didn’t know about that, what was he doing? Why didn’t he know? All OIA requests to the SIS are sensitive and the PM should know what is being sent out.

All that really matters now in this is the Prime Minister’s story: does it stand up and is it credible?

He will now, at all costs, attempt to distance himself and say his office was briefed, while he was in Hawaii. It’s his only response – short of accepting he hasn’t told the truth – and that ain’t going to happen three weeks out from polling day.

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Brain fades and memory loss…