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Isis , Ebola, sabre rattling and a leadership battle…

Monday Opinion:

By Peter Petterson

As shocking  as these uncivilised terrorist Isis bandits are, they are really a cultural/ religious throw -back to the medieval and Crusade eras;  it is a regional dispute in a power vacuum. They wouldn’t get much publicity traction without the internet. Turkey could wipe out this Isis group by arming  the Kurds, but are reluctant to create a Kurdish force which could later bite it on its backside by demanding  independence from Turkey.Syria is just a hotbed of  disparate anti-government opposition groups battling against  an entrenched dictatorship. The situation gives the US the opportunity to reinforce its coalition of the willing support, when considering the situation in the Ukraine in Eastern Europe where Russia has been doing its own sabre-rattling in recent months.

That brings us to the Ebola epidemic in Western Africa which is creating problems outside of the continent with individual cases appearing as far afield as the US. A global problem is possible with most countries unprepared for this epidemic. If it gets out of hand thousands of lives could be lost, because this disease is usually fatal. There is much to read about this in coming weeks.

Locally we have the opposition Labour Party still to reveal its awareness of the reasons for its recent electoral massacre, being more directly involved in a leadership battle, something most people would consider being arse-about-face – review the election defeat first and then elect a new leader. The Labour Party created its own problems by taking the leadership responsibility away from its parliamentarians and allowing the party and union affiliates to become involved in electing  a new leader. This will be resolved in coming weeks.

English: Biosafety level 4 hazmat suit: resear...

English: Biosafety level 4 hazmat suit: researcher is working with the Ebola virus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)